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The wait is over! Well, it's here and it's true: Kubrick on DVD!! So far, I've had only time to buy Barry Lyndon and Lolita.

Barry Lyndon DVD coverLolita DVD backcover

My prognosis? Get these as soon as possible.

Up to this point I've only seen Barry Lyndon on crappy video editions, poor print quality, formatted for television, the whole 9 yards. Remeber last year when I raved on about the incredible print quality of Dr. Strangelove on DVD? Well, they've done it again.

Barry Lyndon is an incredible visual, aural masterpiece. The print quality is excellent, as is the transfer process. One small aside, because of the dual layer formating there are occassionally small pauses in the film. These, however, occur at transitions (ie during the final frames of the end of a scene), and are few. Bonus material is an original theatrical trailer.

Lolita, as expected, looks perfect. I've been told that AMC has broadcast the widescreen version of it, in any case, it's a sheer joy to own it. Like the version available on video, this comes with one of the original theatrical trailers. Madman Quilty in widescreen, what more could you ask for?

One thing I am still puzzling over, (if anyone's got any information, let me know) why have The Shining and Full Metal Jacket only been released in television-formatted versions? It seems almost a waste to commit truncated versions to DVD, still, can't look a gift horse in the mouth.....

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