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Last updated 12/17/98

Dr. Strangelove on DVD!

If you don't have it, I seriously recommend it. It was like watching a new film. The DVD version is just the best: the picture clarity is unparalleled, the sound is crisp and clear, and the full (movie) screen view is great! Just a short breakdown of what I saw:
  • Overall picture quality is incredible. You can see into all areas of the shots, every detail is visible. Printed material (eg Ripper's name plate, Turgidson's notebook "World Targets in Megadeaths") are very easy to read. You can see into every dark corner of every room. This is especially great for inside Ripper's office and the Warroom. In fact, the geometric layout of Ripper's office is even more apparent, and some shots of the Warroom are simply beautiful. The displays screens in the Warroom are also crystal clear.
  • Interior shots of Kong's plane are in great detail. You can see every one of the controls on the instrument panels.
  • Exterior shots of Kong's look very good. I've always thought the video version of the same shots was very lacking (ie you could tell that the plane was matted on), but this problem no longer exists on DVD.
  • Kong's ride and the final armageddon sequence look incredible.
I know this is a bit repetitive, but I just can't get over it --- I've never seen Strangelove look this good, not even when I saw it on the big screen. They may have screwed up 2001 on DVD, but Strangelove was certainly done right. See it as soon as possible!!

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